Fragrance experience at the Bükkös Hotel

Pamper yourself with special fragrance experiences!

Essential oils affect our emotions and mood, they can reduce stress and calm the body and soul.

Close your eyes and surrender to the magical experience!

Aromatherapy is an integral part of the wellness experience, removing the tension and restlessness of everyday life so that you can focus on rest and rejuvenation.

“Scent has a persuasive power, stronger than words, looks, emotions and will. The persuasive power of the scent cannot be avoided, because the scent enters our lungs with our breath, fills it, overwhelms it, and has no antidote.” – Patrick Süskind: The perfume

Be a part of even more pampering experiences at the Bükkös Hotel!

Contents of the Fragrance Experience offer:

EXTRA: it can only be booked directly at the hotel, it cannot be found on other sites

  • Two or more nights in one of our cozy, modern rooms, according to the chosen category,
  • FRAGRANCE EXPERIENCE SCENT EXTRA: Short aroma therapy of the selected essential oil upon arrival, in the room.
    • You can choose from the following scents:

 „energizing wild orange”

○  lavender, the “oil of calmness””

○ „refreshing lemon”

○ the healthy breathing mixture, “AIR”.

The “fragrance experience” service is available in a limited number of rooms at the same time.

  • FRAGRANCE EXPERIENCE SCENT EXTRA: Surprise fragrance sample preparation in the room.
  • FRAGRANCE EXPERIENCE SCENT EXTRA: Scent tasting when booking a minimum of 3 nights, for which prior registration is required.

Please write us the selected essential oil and your intention to participate in the Fragrance Tasting in a NOTE.

Unlimited SPA EXPERIENCES, to recharge your batteries:

  • Finnish, multifunctional and infrared sauna, steam cabin, bucket shower, jacuzzi.
  • The use of sauna towels and SPA towels is included in the room price.
  • Provision of soft, comfortable bathrobes and pampering toiletries in the room.


Additional PAMPERING EXPERIENCES for a separate fee:

  • Refreshing massage,
  • Intelligent massage chair use,
  • Beauty, skincare and cosmetic services.



  • Rich buffet breakfast with hot and cold dishes, drinks, unlimited champagne.

PARKING: Secure parking by appointment, for a small fee.





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