About us

Discover an experience that turns relaxation into art.

Everything from luxurious SPA days to gastronomic pampering awaits you here. Give in to the seduction again and again!

The joy of meeting again can be inspired by all kinds of things, an unexpected, novel, unique experience, a small detail. It could be the view of the landscape in the morning sunlight. The taste of a food or drink, the plating. The people.

We work to create “magic” and deliver it to each and every guest, every time.

Indulgent relaxation for body and soul in elegant surroundings

Our boutique style hotel in the heart of Szentendre is the home of harmony and balanced elegance. Our homey and cosy hotel’s 22 differently arranged rooms, all with their unique atmosphere, provide a special experience, it’s a joy to move into any of them!

We are an adult-friendly hotel, we await our guests over the age of 13 in our oasis of calm tranquility.

Treat yourself and a special someone by spending some time in our 4-star hotel, with amazing comfort, and wellness and SPA services!


Two good friends, an architect and the owner of the plot jointly launched Bükkös Panzió in 1986. Overcoming many challenges, the boarding house was opened to the public in September 1988.

Attila Hadnagy was one of the two friends. Uncle Attila, together with his wife, Aunt Judit and his sons, was constantly involved in the operation of the Bükkös Panzió, and later the Bükkös Hotel**** & SPA, either fully or as a landlord.

From the beginning, the hotel was operated by the Hadnagy family living in Szentendré. Aunt Judit diligently took care of hospitality so that everyone could eat and drink well. Uncle Attila and his son, Levente, managed the operation of the »house«, actively taking part in the tasks themselves.

Over time, the co-owners left the joint venture or were replaced. A few years ago, the Hadnagy family finally became the 100% owner of the Bükkös Hotel**** & SPA.

Over the past 35 years, younger members of the expanding Hadnagy family have also joined the family business. Among them, Brigitta still does her share of the work and supports her father, Levente, in the management of the hotel.


The world has undergone tremendous changes in the more than two decades since the opening.

Many technical and comfort innovations have been developed in the catering and hotel industry as well. Thus, we could not resist the wind of the new times either.

In 2013, the guesthouse underwent a complete renovation. Like a dolled-up butterfly, taking off its old clothes, the 3-star Bükkös Panzió Szentendre has transformed itself into the only 4-star hotel in Szentendre to date.


35 years is a long time. We are proud of the fact that the frequent turnover experienced in hospitality is less typical for our team.

We don’t even dare to say how many years or decades we have been working together. Added together, our two chefs have been cooking mouth-watering delicacies for our guests for nearly half a century.

Although the events of the past couple of years have put our operation to the test, faced with the challenges we did everything we could to ensure that everyone could stay.

Our regular guests can say that, in this spirit, we welcome returning and future guests of the Bükkös Hotel**** & SPA with even greater commitment and dedication.